Poor, Poor Megan Got Her Prince and Needs Even More…… From Us

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3 min readMar 19, 2021


Full disclosure, I didn’t watch Megan Markle and her Prince dish all their drama with Oprah. My popcorn machine was broken and without some sort of movie theater kind of snack it just didn't seem worth my while. Yes, I know her problems are horrible. I should have been glued to that screen in my house to hear her describe just how horrible everyone was in England. Thank god she escaped to her $14 million house in Santa Barbara. Side note, can a $14 million residence be a “house” or is it technically a mansion? Actually, maybe I should describe my home as a “hovel” in comparison.

Okay, I didn’t watch her because I find the whole airing your dirty laundry kind of tedious and I have my own problems to worry about right now. They are admittedly first world problems compared to woman around the world. Things like my job, paying day to day bills, issues with my kids…. the list goes on and on. But what does that make Megan’s issues? Elite problems?

But we are not allowed to question Megan’s position or veracity with out being told you are a racist if you don’t “shut up” and “listen and accept”

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

Here is my issue with the whole “sit down and shut up” line we hear everyday. Take Megan Markel, what if you just don’t believe her due to something totally unrelated to race. I don’t believe she did not google Prince Harry. Just flat out don’t believe it and wouldn’t believe that even if she was lily white. Are you a racist just for not believing everything a black person says about everything? God, the first thing we all do is Google people we meet.

Then there is the comment about the palace wondering about the “color of her baby”. Of course we don’t get a name of the vile person who made that comment. I try to never totally believe an assertion about an unnamed source saying “X”. If you wont’ name the person who said “evil X” why not? Give a valid reason.

In this case the statement is attributed to the “palace”. Well unless the palace grew a mouth and started talking the “palace” did not say anything about her unborn child. So we are left with a woman who is in essence impugning the reputation of every member of a family and their staff just so she does not have to say the name of the asshole who made a comment about the color of her child. Are you surprised someone might question that decision or find it problematic or simply wonder about the veracity/completeness of the comment in question?

Megan Markel is a woman who invited very famous people she did not know to her wedding, traveled to numerous wonderful places when supposedly her passport was being held hostage and lives in a multi million dollar house in Santa Barbara California. Don’t even get me started on the price tag of her clothes. God bless her for being fortunate enough to have all that and a $100M deal with Netflix.

I don’t care what color she is; I have real problems as do millions and millions of woman around the world. So frankly I don’t give a damn unless she can be brave enough to name names and not throw everyone in the “firm” under the bus. Otherwise, I have to wonder if this is bit of a publicity stunt and you can call me racist if you want for being a bit of a cynic.