Maybe it is time to hold EVERYONE who plays a role in these "dramas" accountable for this craziness.

Hopefully the AP has writers skillful enough to convey the news correctly and not in a misleading way. (If not they need to review their job requirements and up the bar for getting hired) Since I have to assume that they do have competent writers , could it be that it was drafted this way to get attention? I think it may have been "misleading" on purpose to get those valuable "eyeballs". What is more juicy then triggering bunch of left/right tweets on gender/trans rights,

Since everyone pretty much knows that the media is not above this kind of misleading behavior to get those eyeballs we need to all change our behaviors. It is incumbent on everyone to double check what the media is saying before going off half cocked.

There is so much unnecessary outrage on both the left and right it is getting so tiresome and frankly juvenile.

So I am going to go and play with my own Potato Head for some relaxation. He/She/It has as many brains (if not more) than a lot of our citizens (and citizens includes members of the media and our so called leaders)



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