Is what you experience, as a Black woman different from what a woman of any color experiences when they get angry in the workplace? As a white woman, when I get angry in the workplace, I am judged differently from men and frankly from other woman.

I am told I am too vocal and shouldn’t act that way. Even though it is acceptable when a man acts the same way.

However women judge me as well and tell me I express myself “too much like a man”, and I am also not “collaborative like a woman”. You can’t win for trying.

To often we are encouraged by those in power to pigeon hole our thoughts and complaints by race and gender. We say “well as a Black woman” or “as an Asian woman” my complaint is different then other people’s complaints. Maybe they aren’t different. Maybe the complaints have a common core and instead of coming together to deal with the problem we allow ourselves to be divided by race and sexual identity.

P.S. I just don’t get the Megan fan club. She is a pretty actress who married a Prince. That is it.

Also there have been allegations of bullying on her part in the past before this “tell all” so who knows the truth.

I sure don’t the truth and won’t conjecture on the truth. What I do know she is part of the 1%. She will always wear expensive clothes, drink fine wine and have a fancy roof over head; which is far, far, far more then the majority of women in the world. So frankly I don’t care that much about her 1st world problems.


On a road trip through life

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