Happy to Welcome Sycophants. Everyone Else is Evil and Should Die

Finding Reynard
2 min readMar 19, 2021


Photo by Tech Nick on Unsplash

Recently I was told I was “evil”, or maybe it was “evil and immoral”, for a comment I wrote on an article that dealt with homophobia. Normally I would have responded to the “you are evil” in order to have an intellectual conversation. However, this writer verbally forbid me to from responding.

So I didn’t respond; even an evil asshole bitch like me can be respectful and not respond when the writer makes that request (or order). He later blocked me, which was a bit much I thought since I was totally quiet and didn’t respond; but hey it is a free country. My personal position is that unless someone threatens me with real physical harm I won’t block them as I welcome a good debate.

I don’t care about his “don’t respond” order but probably not for the reasons that the writer thinks. He probably thinks that he, the self defined good person, has shown the evil person (me) the error of my ways by blocking me from his amazing insight and thoughts.

From my point of view he has shown me that he is not worth my time and effort. I assume anyone who only expects comments from sycophants and “yes and” people are somewhat shallow and arrogant. Why waste my time on shallow and/or arrogant people.

See, I welcome a good debate. It is the way we learn things, have a chance to see things from another person’s point of view and maybe even change our minds. Frankly, only talking to people who agree with me is boring. I can strongly disagree with your position but tell me why I am wrong and I will welcome your comments.

My challenge to everyone; if you are like this guy, think seriously about putting a warning on your articles that says:

Welcome All Sycophants — Everyone Else is Evil and Should Not Read This Article.

That way none of use wastes our time unless we want to waste time. Now I am going to see if there is a way I can take back my “reading” of his article.