Farewell Medium, Parting is…. So Okay with This Outcast and Not a Wildfire of Regret!!!

Finding Reynard
3 min readFeb 16, 2022


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Removal is in my future. Yes I am to be banished from Medium (well the Partners Program) for not being a popular kid. I don’t have 100 followers so I “may be removed from the Partner Program” according to (drum roll please) THE EMAIL. Saying “I may be removed” seems to leave open the possibility that I may be given a reprieve or get out of jail free card. Maybe the president of Medium will pick up the phone, just as they are getting ready to push the kill button, and tell the IT people that I have a stay of judgement. Nah!, I just think whoever wrote the email doesn’t like giving, what they see, as bad news.

The other part of THE EMAIL is much clearer, I have until March 2nd to reach 100 followers or I am GONE from the Partners Program. On one hand I am sad because I love being on Medium (probably because I am not trying to earn a living because I would starve the first day if I was). On the other I am now have another good excuse to not waste any more time on Medium. Let’s face it, we all have lives to live, people to meet, jobs to do, sex to have, books to read and the list goes on and on of other ways to spend our precious hours.

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Now, I know that you don’t have to be part of the Partners Program to post and read content. I could pay the money for Medium and just enjoy the content and post if I wanted to not. Ignoring the HUGE number of articles on narcissists (one could get the impression on Medium that everyone is one, or was damaged by one, or saw one passing on a bus) there is some really interesting stuff on Medium. Oh god don’t let me forget to mention Trump! I think it may be a rule to somehow, somewhere mention Trump! Trump! Maybe that was my problem I forgot to do an article with the word “Trump”. Well here goes:

My Bitchiness Trumps My Generosity so there!!!!

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Bitch that I am, I just won’t pay the money I have been paying after being booted out of the cool kids club. Now, maybe there is a real solid business reason for this “purge” of people from the Partners Program. If its really a purge, I guess maybe those with less 100 followers could be a tiny group (is it paranoid to wonder if I am the only one who got THE EMAIL?)

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Since I don’t have many followers I am not sure if anyone will tell me, but let me warn you up front: I don’t care. I am going to take my marbles, go home and cancel my subscription to Medium. Well, after I read a few more articles on narcissistic Trump lovers.